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Decampo, Alberto, Mark-David Hosale, Sana Murrani. ed. Worldmaking as Techné: Exploring Worlds of Participatory Art, Architecture, and Music. Editied volume.  Riverside Architectural Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In process.  Expected publication in Fall 2013.

Panel discussion: The Volatility and Stability of WorldMaking as Techné, Inter Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA2011) conference in Istanbul, September 14th-21st 2011.
Panelists: Roy Ascott, Jerome Decock, and Marcos Novak. Co-chairs: MarkDavid Hosale, Sana Murrani and Alberto de Campo.



The YUnode is a low-cost, Arduino-based ( electronics hardware platform developed to facilitate the creation of scalable, component-based media art works. YUnodes are intended to form a networkable system of hundreds of microprocessor circuits that can provide output (via LED’s and actuators) while sending real-time sensor data from the local environment.

Worldmaker Universe
The challenge of developing nonlinear interactive systems in my work has led me to the ongoing development of a software framework, called the WorldMaker Universe (WMU). The inspiration for the development of this framework was to provide a strong connection between the hardware, software, and conceptual components of my research in order to maintain a fluid connection between the virtual and physical aspects of my work.



Homunculus Agora (2013-2014) Mark-David Hosale
Land|Slide Exhibition, September 21st – October 13th, 2013
Farm To Table, January - August 2014

Homunculus Alpha (2013) Mark-David Hosale
Re|New 2013 Copenhagen, October 28 – November 3, 2013

Quasar 3 [danger du zero] (2013)
Crettaz, Jean Michel  and Mark-David Hosale,

A 2nd-Order Dream (2013)
Hosale, Mark-David, sound-art installation presented at the John Cage celebration, "CageSpace," York University Faculty of Fine Arts, Feb. 7th 2013.

Quasar 2.0: Star Incubator (2012)
Crettaz, Jean Michel  and Mark-David Hosale with Duly Lee, Michaela Neus, F. Myles Sciotto, and Marco Verde, Nuitblanche 2012, Toronto, End of the World exhibition, Zone Monumental, Nathan Phillips Square, Curators: Janine Marchessault and Michael Prokopow, September 29th, 2012

Sybil (2012) Interactive Art Installation
Beesley, Philip, with Rob Gorbet, Mark-David Hosale, Rachel Armstrong, Alain Baril, Philippe Baylaucq, 18th Biennale of Sydney, Australia. June - September 2012

Cognozolic” Evening of.. Philip Beesley / protoCell Field (2012) Performance work
Beesley, Philip, Mark-David Hosale, Alan Macy. Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, May 2012


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