nD::node .:. Hardware Platform for the Development of Media Artworks

The nD::node is a low-cost, Arduino-based (www.arduino.cc) electronics hardware platform developed to facilitate the creation of scalable, component-based media art works. YUnodes are intended to form a networkable system of hundreds of microprocessor circuits that can provide output (via LED’s and actuators) while sending real-time sensor data from the local environment. The result will be a high-resolution bidirectional feedback system that can be embedded in the material systems of large-scale/architectonic sculptural objects. The inspiration for the development of the YUnode stems from the problem that currently there are no low cost, ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions for the deployment of large networks of micro-controllers that can communicate bi-directionally with a central computer system. The systems that do exist are generally high cost, proprietary, and complicated to use, and as such, they are out of the grasp of most media artists. To this end, the YUnode will be developed as a low-cost, readily deployable, open-source solution to this problem. Once the development reaches a level of stability, the efforts of the YUnode will be made for dissemination and deployment to the general public. This will happen through a series of version releases, similar to the way that software is disseminated in the open-source community.



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