WorldMaker Universe:: Software Framework for the Development of Media Artworks

The challenge of developing nonlinear interactive systems in my work has led me to the ongoing development of a software framework, called WorldMaker Universe (WMU). The inspiration for the development of this framework was to provide a strong connection between the hardware, software, and conceptual components of my research in order to maintain a fluid connection between the virtual and physical aspects of my work. The framework facilitates the creation of expressive and emergent behaviour in interactive installation environments by encapsulating common use elements of the software design of interactive environments into a ready to use set of abstractions. The organization of this framework is based on a model of nonlinear narrative that is a composite of operations (data generators), structures (scaffolds for data flow), and personae (the interactive input and output representation of data), which can vary independently of each other. Much of the concepts and terminology that help define this framework are taken from design patterns, as used in computer science, such those found in Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (Gamma, et al., 1995).

The future endeavours in my work will unfold empirically through the development of media artworks. Refinement of the WMU framework will focus on increasing the usability and adaptability of the framework to new works. As the conceptual direction of my work is refined, the technical qualities in the work will progress as well. Once this project reaches a level of stability the software will be made available through a Creative Commons license, through a series of version releases, to be made available to the open-source community.


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